About us



For more than 20 years, 40-30 has focused our activities in high-tech equipment to carry out maintenance and repair. Being an extraordinary company, our scope of service and maintenance covers a wide range of technologies, electronics, vacuum, gas control, RF, calibration...

However since 2006 we have undertaken significant changes to meet our customer's new strategic and economic demands.

In 2011, 40-30 was faced with a challenge and transformed the organisation into seven Business Units offering partners and clients a vast amount of knowledge, services in terms of know-how, materials, specifically designed test benches, tooling and human resources.

In addition to the Business Unit of Maintenance, 40-30's cornerstone, we have recently introduced Engineering, Spares Center, Training, International Franchise, IT and Sales Representation providing additional support to partners and clients.


40-30 is developing high-value BUs to be more efficient in servicing our customer.

40-30 has a proven track record in the field of second-hand components and machinery. To meet our customer's needs, our teams search for specific material in the second-hand parts market and recommend purchases at affordable prices without compromising reliability.

We also offer our clients re-evaluation of their stock on parts or equipment no longer used. This equipment is broken down to component level used in sister sites or promoted for sale through web promotion.

40-30 Spare-Center Business Unit buy and sell equipments in the high-tech technology market especially on micro and nano technologies for production, R&D, and Labs.

The main brand are AMAT (Applied Materials), LAM Research, ASML, NOVELLUS, KLA and more for the micro and MEMS equipments for new spare parts and used spare parts.

The Spares-Center business Unit has developed and launched the Spares-by-4030 E-commerce-site.


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  • fax: +33 (0)4 76 96 00 13
  • email: sales@40-30.com
  • website: www.40-30.com
  • 29 Rue de la Tuilerie
  • 38176 Seyssinet-Pariset
  • France